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Bloodless Medicine Clinic Now Open at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Jackson Health System has opened a bloodless medicine clinic, catering to those who are opposed to receiving blood transfusions – either because of religious convictions, safety concerns, or other personal reasons. The clinic officially opened on October 23 in Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital and will be run by a medical team with expertise in bloodless surgical techniques.

Bloodless medicine is an approach used to manage diseases and conditions without the use of blood products or transfusions from a donor during surgery. Some of the techniques used include performing minimally invasive procedures, or saving a patient’s own blood and using it during surgery by reinfusion.

Led by Mauricio Lynn, M.D., a UM/Jackson trauma surgeon and director of the Bloodless Surgery Center, the staff at the clinic will assist patients with their medical needs. When necessary, the patients will be referred to specialists in a variety of disciplines, with an expertise in bloodless medicine and surgical techniques.

“At Jackson, we understand and respect the views and wishes of all of our patients,” said Dr. Lynn. “We always strive to make them feel comfortable, while providing them with unmatched medical care.”

For more information or hours of operation, call 305-585-1052.