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Capital Projects

Jackson North Medical Center

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Jackson North Medical Center is committed to serving the residents of north Miami-Dade County and south Broward County with high-quality care in a variety of medical specialties, including maternity, cardiology, and weight-loss surgery.

Jackson North, like all Jackson facilities, is dedicated to providing every patient with the best experience. Over the next few years, we will be completing several projects to upgrade our facility – both inside the buildings and outside.

The emergency department at Jackson North will be expanded and renovated, enabling our medical team to have quick access to patients in order to treat them efficiently and safely.

Several patient floors will be modernized with a focus on providing our patients with a cozy and comfortable environment during their hospital stay.

Other upgrades will include new electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

We are also planning a redesign of the entrance to Jackson North, as well as enhancements to the exterior façade of the building and an expansion of our parking facilities to accommodate our patients, visitors, and employees.

The total budget for the Jackson North project is $85 million. Construction is set to begin this year.

As part of Jackson’s Mentor/Protégé Development Program to provide small business construction companies the opportunity to work alongside experienced and well-established construction-management firms, Jackson selected OHL-Arellano Construction Company, to serve as the lead construction manager of this project. The protégé company working at Jackson North is Asset Builders, LLC dba Messam Construction.

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