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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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The specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is concerned with diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of patients with limited function as a consequence of diseases and injuries that lead to physical and emotional impairments that result in disabilities. Emphasis is placed on maximal restoration of the physical, psychological, social, and vocational functions of the person.  Additionally, you are charged with providing for prevention of secondary complications of disability; maintenance of medical stability, and on alleviation of pain in your patients. Physiatrists have special training in therapeutic exercise and physical modalities; management of musculoskeletal injuries; prosthetics, orthotics, and the use of other durable medical equipment; gait analysis; diagnosis and therapeutic injections; electrodiagnostics studies; and rehabilitation management.
Rehabilitation management of chronically ill and disabled individuals, with major emphasis on the maintenance and restoration of their functional integrity, can often prevent, reduce, or postpone disability. Goals include improvement, restoration, or maintenance in functioning with or without change in underlying disease process and creation and supervision of a program of restoration.  At first you may find that your input in the patient management is limited as you learn the basics of rehabilitation management and find the multidisciplinary team functions quite well on these established units.  However, as you gain confidence, you will find yourself given more responsibility and ultimately become the leader of the treatment team and in charge of your patient’s welfare.

As you progress through your training years, emphasis will switch from primary management of rehabilitation inpatients to outpatient care, musculoskeletal care, electrodiagnosis, and pain management.  The ability to function as an independent physician in the outpatient setting is crucial to becoming an excellent physical medicine physician.

The practice of rehabilitation medicine stresses interdisciplinary team work under medical supervision. Physiatrists are trained to direct and lead a team of health related professionals that includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and hearing therapists, clinical psychologists, rehabilitation counselors, nurses, social workers, and group and community workers. All of these professionals collaborate with their medical colleagues in order to fulfill the goals of comprehensive medical care. Mobilization of essential family and community resources is emphasized. Planning and implementation of continuity of restorative care bridges the gap between intensive treatment and social re-integration.

The JMH-PHT/University of Miami Miller School residency training program is designed to fulfill these goals.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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