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Jackson Health System - Limb Salvage Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital

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Second Opinion

If you’re experiencing the sudden onset of the following, head to the nearest emergency room:

  • Pain that prevents you from walking
  • No feeling in your leg, foot, or toe(s)
  • Coldness if your leg, foot, or toe(s), compared to the non-affected leg, foot, or toe(s)


Our Jackson Emergency Rooms are conveniently located throughout Miami-Dade County and available 24/7:

Jackson Memorial Hospital
1611 N.W. 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

Jackson North Medical Center
160 N.W. 170th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33169

Jackson South Medical Center
9333 S.W. 152nd Street
Miami, FL 33157

The Limb Salvage Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital

The Limb Salvage Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital offers a second opinion to individuals who have been told they need an amputation. Whether amputation has been offered as treatment for tumors, artery blockage, serious injury, or chronic disease, our team of experts is available to provide consultations, ultrasounds, CT scans, wound care, and pulse volume recording (PVR).

Available the second and fourth Monday of every month, our vascular and endovascular physicians will evaluate and guide patients through the best treatment option for limb salvage.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a chronic case (one week or more) of ANY of the following symptoms, call 305-585-SAVE(7283) to schedule your appointment at the Limb Salvage Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital:

  • Pain that prevents the patient from sleeping
  • Pain is present with walking
  • Patient cannot feel foot/toes
  • Patient cannot move foot/toes
  • Patient’s foot/toes are cold compared to non-affected leg/foot/toe
  • Patient cannot feel the affected foot/toes when touched
  • Blue/darkened/white discoloration of affected leg/foot/toe
  • Skin surrounding wound is flushed/red over an area that’s greater than 2 fingers wide
  • Fever in addition to another symptom or sign mentioned above
A Second Opinion

If you or a loved one has been told amputation is the only option, call the Limb Salvage Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.


Our Location

Jackson Memorial Hospital
1080 N.W. 19th Street
Batchelor Center
Central Building, Suite 150
Miami, FL 33136

Phone: 305-585-SAVE(7283)