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Breastfeeding Classes

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Join other expectant parents in our breastfeeding classes to learn all of its benefits. How to help your baby “latch on”, how to hold your baby while you nurse, and how to overcome common obstacles are among the strategies you’ll learn. Plus, we share tips on pumping, returning to work, and weaning. To register for our breastfeeding classes, please call 305-585-4MOM or register below.

Getting Ready for Your Little Miracle

We offer tours of our labor and delivery facilities, educational seminars, and breastfeeding and parenting classes. We have everything you’ll need to prepare for your special delivery!

Please call 305-585-4MOM (4666) or register online at one of these locations:

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Jackson North Medical Center
Jackson South Community Hospital

*Please arrive 15 minutes early to tours, seminars and classes. Registration includes you and one guest.