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Prepare For Your Surgery

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Before Your Surgery

Once you and your physician have decided that orthopaedic surgery is right for you, a date will be scheduled for your procedure. There are several things that may be necessary to prepare for your surgery. For example, your surgeon might ask you to have a physical examination completed by your primary care physician. You should also finish any dental work that may be under way to prevent germs in your mouth from entering the bloodstream and infecting the new joint.

A visit will be scheduled one week prior to your surgical date to meet with the surgeon to discuss any questions that may still be pending. You will receive a packet of information with instructions for before and after surgery. This packet will list out the commonly ordered medications. The discharge instructions are also included for review.

You will be given a prescription for outpatient physical therapy to allow you to schedule your appointment prior to your surgery. From the surgeon’s office, you will be directed to the hospital where you will meet with a representative from the registration office, operating room, and case management. The case manager will assist in ordering necessary medical equipment for your recovery. They will also discuss the discharge plan and any necessary services. The goal of this meeting is to work out all the details of discharge plan before surgery to allow the patient to focus on their recovery after surgery. The patient will meet with a physical therapist to learn exercises and how to walk with a walker. This will provide a glimpse into what to expect following the surgery.

Day Of Your Surgery

On the day of surgery, you will be met by a team of healthcare providers. Your physician will speak to you about the surgery, nurses will prepare you for the procedure, and an anesthesiologist will explain the various options for anesthesia. Once you have been prepped for the procedure you will be taken to the operating room where the anesthesia will be administered. Most surgeries can be performed with a spinal block, similar to the epidurals pregnant women receive during child labor.

The surgery usually takes about 2 hours. In the operating room, a urinary catheter may be inserted but will be removed the morning after surgery. Compression stockings and pneumatic sleeves will be put on both legs to help prevent blood clots.


After the procedure you will be assisted by a nurse and taken to the recovery room, where the anesthesia will wear off and you will slowly become more alert. When you are fully awake, you will be taken to a private hospital room. Once settled into your room, a physical therapist will meet you and assist you in walking around, likely with a walker or cane. You will continue to work with our physical therapy team during your hospital stay. Most patients feel ready to go home the day after surgery. The physical therapy process will continue at an outpatient facility.


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