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Jackson Health System provides innovative treatment for adult and pediatric endocrinology.

Services Provided At These Hospitals & Locations

Holtz Children's Hospital

The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best pediatric endocrinology programs in the United States and is the only university-based pediatric endocrinology program in South Florida.

Medical Services

  • Diabetes
  • Growth problems
  • Obesity
  • Early puberty
  • Thyroid abnormalities
  • Other endocrinological disorders

Physician Team

  • Gary D. Berkovitz, M.D.
  • Yong Bao, M.D.
  • Adriana Carrillo-Iregui, M.D.
  • Janine E. Sanchez, M.D.
  • Tossaporn (Todd) Seeherunvong, M.D.
Holtz Children's Hospital - More Hospital Info 1611 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

Jackson Memorial Hospital

Reproductive Endocrinology is a subspecialty division that deals with women's menstrual disorders and infertility problems. The subspecialty encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of female hormonal disorders from teen age through post menopause years. These problems may include abnormal hair growth, abnormally heavy or absence of menses, pelvic pain and painful periods (e.g. endometriosis/pelvic inflammation), osteoporosis (loss of calcium from bones) and management of hormone replacement therapy.

The division is responsible for the evaluation of various reproductive problems related to ovulation, tubal /uterine factors, or repeated miscarriages; it also works in conjunction with the department of urology to treat semen problems in the male partner. When various fertility medications are used to induce ovulation, the patient is carefully monitored with serum hormone studies and serial ultrasounds to evaluate the follicular growth in the ovaries. Patients who conceive are then followed for the first three months of their pregnancy in order to assure that a viable fetus is developing.

Jackson Memorial Hospital - More Hospital Info 1611 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

Jackson North Medical Center

Leon and Serena Simkins Center for Thyroid and Neuroendocrine Tumors

Jackson North Medical Center - More Hospital Info 160 N.W. 170th Street
North Miami Beach, Fl 33169

Jackson Multispecialty Center at Jackson North

Jackson Multispecialty Center - North Miami Beach - More Specialty Care Center Info 100 NW 170th St., Suite 410
North Miami Beach, FL 33169