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Gastric Sleeve Center for Weight-Loss Surgery

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The Gastric Sleeve Center at Jackson South Community Hospital specializes in the laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure, one of the newest and most successful bariatric procedures. Also known as laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive techniques enable most patients to recover more quickly and experience less pain, with less risk for blood loss and infection. The center is home to two pioneering bariatric surgeons who, between them, have authored articles on the gastric sleeve procedure, hold several bariatric patents and train hundreds of surgeons every year.

Services & Specialties

At the Gastric Sleeve Center, we specialize in the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve, however there are other bariatric surgery procedures available to you. Most bariatric procedures help patients lose weight and improve or resolve co-morbidities including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Procedures include:

  • Gastric Sleeve
    We greatly believe that keeping things simple is the easiest way for everyone concerned no matter what we do. In this regard, the beauty of the gastric sleeve is in its simplicity. Basically, we are removing 70-80% of the stomach in a vertical fashion, leaving behind a banana-like tube which creates a restrictive process in which patients can eat much less than before. Because we are not rerouting the intestines, there is no malabsorption and there are no food restrictions. There is no dumping, no internal hernias, and no marginal ulcers as seen with a gastric bypass. Also, because we are not placing a foreign body, there are no foreign body reactions, nothing to adjust, and no port problems... Therein lies its simplicity.
  • Gastric Bypass
    Gastric Bypass, also called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, calls for the reduction of the size of the stomach pouch. We will then attach a Y-shaped section of the small intestine directly to the newly formed pouch. Doing this allows food to bypass a large portion of the small intestine, which limits the absorption of calories and nutrients. The smaller stomach pouch allows our patients to feel fuller sooner and the body absorbs fewer calories. Gastric bypass patients can expect to lose up to 65% of their excess weight. Of course every procedure is unique so this number will vary.
  • Gastric Banding
    There are two providers of gastric bands, the Realize Band® and the Lap-band®. During the gastric banding procedure a silicone band and an injection port are placed in the patient’s abdomen. The silicone band fits around the upper stomach and creates two connected chambers. The injection port is then attached to the abdominal wall, underneath the skin and serves to adjust the band in the future.
  • Revision Surgery
    Revisional procedures offer a solution to bariatric patients who have regained weight or are experiencing surgical complications. The Gastric Sleeve center is very experienced in revisions and can guide you through the process to find out which procedure is right for you.


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Physician Team

  • Dr. Moises Jacobs, M.D., FACS graduated from the University of Miami Medical School in 1979 and finished his general surgery residency at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1984. He has been performing advanced laparoscopic procedures since 1990 and is credited with performing the first laparoscopic colectomy in 1990. Dr Jacobs is world renowned as a pioneer in laparoscopy and has taught and mentored hundreds of surgeons throughout the world. In addition, he hosts a biannual "minimally invasive" conference where the latest and most innovative surgical techniques in laparoscopic bariatric surgery are presented by the world's experts. Dr. Jacobs has published several research articles and textbooks and has been awarded Unites States patents for his innovative surgical instruments.
  • Dr. Eddie Gomez, M.D., FACS graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in 1999, finished his surgery residency in 2000 at Sound Shore Medical Center/New York Medical College and completed a laparoscopic fellowship with Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Plasencia in 2001. He joined the group following his fellowship and has been performing gastric bypass, gastric banding and advanced colorectal and general surgery ever since. Dr Gomez, along with Dr. Jacobs, was part of the only two FDA trials for adjustable gastric banding in the US. For the last five years, along with Dr. Jacobs, he has been performing, improving and teaching gastric sleeve surgeries, including the non-operative treatment of leaks with placement of endoluminal stents. Additionally, Dr. Gomez has specialized in endoscopic revisions of failed gastric bypass, and endoscopic treatment of acid reflux.
  • Dr. Roderick Romero, M.D. graduated from Louisiana State University Medical School, where he also completed his surgical residency in New Orleans in 2010. He then completed a year-long fellowship in minimally invasive general surgery with the group that includes Drs. Jacobs and Gomez. The fellowship involved specialty training in bariatric, laparoscopic, endoscopic, and robotic procedures. Following fellowship, Dr. Romero joined the group where he has continued to perform various minimally invasive general surgery procedures, including sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss, as well as advanced colorectal, hernia, biliary, and anti-reflux operations. He also provides emergency surgical services to local hospital emergency departments.
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Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in the Gastric Sleeve Center located at Jackson South Community Hospital in Miami Florida. We offer patients throughout the country and the world, safe, effective and truly advanced weight loss solutions. To contact us please call us at the number below:

Jackson South Community Hospital West Entrance
Medical Professional Building 2nd Floor
9333 S.W. 152 Street
Miami, FL 33157
Phone: 305-256-5046

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