Children’s Fire Safety Festival

The Children’s Fire Safety Festival held in conjunction with local fire departments, teaches school children life-saving burn prevention lessons. Ranging from kindergarten to third grade, the students participate in fun, interactive education about the basics of fire safety, including how to escape a fire in their home and what to do if their clothes catch on fire.

Return to School Program

The Return to School Program is for children recovering from burn injuries that include school visits by nurses, social workers, and therapists. This skilled team can answer questions for teachers and classmates and help young patients regain acceptance and support from their peers.

Juvenile Firesetter Program

The Juvenile Firesetter Program brings together parents, teachers, and county and state officials concerned about the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders who have been caught starting fires. A special educational program at the Miami Burn Center is available to explain the serious consequences of playing with fire.

Children’s Burn Camp

The Children’s Burn Camp is the first statewide burn camp of its kind in Florida. By attending the Burn Camp, children that have been burned will have many life-enhancing experiences that will help them learn, grow, and develop. The burn camp allows children that have been burned to realize that they are not the only ones with burn-scarred bodies. The camp provides an environment where children can share their feelings about being burned, realizing that others have had similar experiences, forget that they look different, and know that they are “someone special.”

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Our staff also offers valuable education, prevention and assistance programs to meet the needs of our patient base, both inside and outside the hospital. For more information, call Luis DeRosa RN, BSN, EMT-P at 305-585-7971.