Jackson Health System, one of the nation’s largest public health systems, is in the midst of a $1.7 billion, 10-year capital plan that includes new construction projects, the renovation of existing facilities, technology upgrades, cutting-edge equipment, and infrastructure improvements. This “Jackson Miracle Building Plan” will transform Jackson into a modernized, patient-centered healthcare system that can better meet the future needs of Miami-Dade County residents and patients from around the world who travel to Jackson because of its medical expertise. Jackson’s capital plan, which is partially supported by $830 million voter-approved bond, includes renovations at every Jackson hospital, the opening of multiple urgent care centers across Miami-Dade County, a new Jackson West Medical Center campus in the City of Doral, and a new Christine E. Lynn Rehabilitation Hospital for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at UHealth/Jackson Memorial.

Every element of the capital plan meets or exceeds Miami-Dade County’s high standards for inclusion, while requiring substantial participation from local certified small business enterprises and employment of local workers. The largest projects also include an innovative mentor-protégé program to help qualified small local businesses learn every element of the construction-management process for major healthcare projects. We believe this program will create a larger and more diverse pool of qualified contractors to fuel the Miami-Dade economy.