With voter’s approval of the Jackson Miracle Bond in 2013, the seed for our $1.5 billion capital plan, Jackson Health System embarked on an ambitious outreach effort to connect with community organizations representing Miami-Dade County’s small and diverse businesses. Jackson is committed to expanding that outreach and assisting small businesses in their pursuit of contracts.

Our Jackson staff not only joins, participates in and listens to the concerns of these organizations; we help you learn about our mission, opportunities, success stories and business is conducted with the one of the nation’s largest public hospital systems.

As Jackson continues to expand its outreach efforts to the community, we have included our own Outreach Roundtable. During each roundtable, construction managers and Jackson leadership provide organizations with updates progress of the projects as well as vital dates for pre-qualification events for subcontractors.

Materials for these events, including agendas, presentations and sign-in sheets are available in this location.

An Outreach Calendar of events can be found by clicking here.


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