Jackson Health System is committed to providing small and diverse vendors with every opportunity available to take part in our capital projects plan.

There are six signature projects under the building plan. Four construction management (CM) firms are contracted to oversee these projects. Each of the projects has Miami-Dade County small business enterprise goals that the CMs are required to achieve.

Each CM requires completion of their own pre-qualification process. Pre-qualification helps CMs identify the skills and capabilities of interested contractors, matching interested contractors to bid opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in the wealth of opportunities related to Jackson’s capital program, get pre-qualified with our CM firms. To do so, click on the link for each of the firms, and follow the instructions to register. Upon completion of the process, the CMs will validate the information and match your firm’s capabilities with contracting opportunities. Pre-qualified firms will receive project notifications directly from the CMs.

Here are the prequalification sites for Jackson’s four construction managers (CMs):