New Policies

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Procurement Policy

Jackson Health System’s procurement department, specifically the Value Analysis Team (VAT), will review all “new technology,” such as clinical trial research, prior to receiving approval from the Clinical Research Review Committee. This review should not cause any delay on the review and approval of the clinical trial.

Pursuant to JHS policy and procedure as it relates to procurement, if a device or product is brought and used without a purchase order it is considered a donation to JHS.

Procurement is firm in that a vendor is not to approach employees, including physicians on JHS grounds unless they are a registered lobbyist. Vendors do not need to be registered lobbyists if they are on grounds to provide support for an existing product. In addition, if a sponsor of an investigational device is providing the device free of charge, JHS does not require that the sponsor be an approved vendor. However, the sponsor’s device description/package insert and contract must be provided for JHS procurement for review. Once JHS decides to move forward with a device for procurement, the lobbyist is not required, but the JHS vendor registration is. This includes Humanitarian Use Devices sponsors whom must apply to JHS as an approved vendor prior to JHS purchasing the device.

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