The Office of Governmental Relations is responsible for monitoring public policy, legislative and regulatory initiatives, as well as serving as a liaison for all levels of government – local state and federal. In addition, this office works to ensure that we maintain an open dialogue with policy makers in a manner that is beneficial to the overall goals of the organization.

The main purpose is to promote the ability of the Public Health Trust to effectively serve the health care needs of the community through representation, advocacy and service.


Mission & Vision

To improve the health of the organization by providing a unified,
strategic voice in community and political affairs.

To be viewed as industry leaders, both internally and externally
in advocacy, policy and community affairs.


Become a Jackson Advocate

Every year, our local, state and federal government discusses and debates issues of critical importance to this institution. The Office of Government Relations works to ensure that our policymakers are familiar with the vision and mission of this institution. However, that requires involvement from this organization’s most valuable resource- our employees!

In order to increase awareness we are asking our employees to join us in a cooperative effort of education and advocacy. There are many things that we can do together for the betterment of this organization. Whether it’s sending an e-mail to the Governor on issues like Medicaid reform or volunteering to attend community events, the synergy we can obtain by working together will help Jackson succeed exponentially. There are many ways to get involved and we look forward to working with staff on this endeavor.

The links below will provide you with useful governmental information. You can even find out who your state or federal representative is by simply typing in your zip code on these attached links. Legislators love to hear from their constituents. Please feel free to contact the Governmental Relations Office with any questions, ideas or comments.



Contact Us

Esther Caravia-Abolila
Chief of Staff, Executive Office

Nathan Ray
Associate Vice President, Governmental Relations

Rochelle Y. Lewis
Associate Director, Governmental Relations

Lourdes Cuevas
Executive Assistant