Just like you have a cup of coffee and brush your teeth every morning, we want Jackson to be at the top of your mind for your healthcare needs. We encourage you to consider Jackson First, our HMO plan under AvMed that gives eligible employees and their dependents a more affordable healthcare option. The Jackson First HMO plan reduces the burden of healthcare costs by offering lower biweekly premiums and eliminating copayments or deductibles for most services.

Benefits include:

  • Freedom to choose from a variety of healthcare professionals.
  • No copayments and/or deductibles, with the exception of emergency room services, urgent care visits, and/or prescriptions.
  • Access to a concierge appointment scheduling telephone line for quicker and more convenient service. The Jackson First concierge can be reached at 305-585-2727 or JacksonFirstConcierge@jhsmiami.org.
  • No pharmacy copayments for generic medications for employees using the Jackson pharmacy located in Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Park Plaza East.
  • Savings of $4,000 annually under the Jackson First HMO plan on family coverage compared to the Standard HMO.
  • No charge for employee coverage, and premiums for families are 32 percent lower than the Select HMO.

Jackson First HMO Plan Details

Plan Designs Copays
PCP Copay $0
Specialist Copay $0
Preventive Services $0
Pediatrician Copay $0
Routine Physical $0
Obstetrical/Gynecological Copay $0 
Maternity  $0 
Preventitive Mammogram/Pap Smears  $0 
Inpatient Facility Services $0
Outpatient Surgery Copay  $0 
Urgent Care Copay $25
ER Copay  50$/Waived if Admitted
Pharmacy Copay ($15/$25/$40)
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) $50
Inpatient/Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment $0
Inpatient/Outpatient Mental and Nervous Disorder Treatment $0

To download a comprehensive description of plan details, click here.

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