It is the policy of the Public Health Trust to accept physicians or resident physicians desiring to participate as an observer/rotator at Jackson Health System facilities. All requests for Observer/Rotators must be reviewed and approved by Risk Management. The individual desiring to participate in such activities must provide the Office of Physician Services all required documentation as set forth in this policy in order to be considered for a rotation or observership. Jackson Health System will not provide professional liability coverage for any resident for an outside institution. If the home institution will not provide the coverage, then they will be classified as observer status only. For more information on Visiting Medical Students, please visit the information page.

An observer is a health care professional or student who will not provide patient care or have direct patient contact. Observers differ from students in an academic program in that the observership is not an educational requirement of any academic program (see administrative policy 389 for students). Observerships may last up to 4 weeks (1 month), longer if written approval by the department is obtained. Observerships may be in an inpatient or outpatient setting and must be approved by the Jackson Health System facility’s department(s) director(s) of the area being observed. For physicians, approval is needed from the Associate/Chief Medical Officer. For residents, approval is needed from the GME office. For nurses, approval is needed from the Director of Patient Care Services and/or the Chief Nursing Officer. For all other students, approval is needed from the Associate/Chief Medical Officer.

He/she may be one of the following:

  • Physicians (foreign or domestic)
  • Registered Nurses (foreign or domestic)
  • Other health professionals (e.g. Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Psychology, Pharmacy Technicians etc.)
  • Students not covered under an existing affiliation agreement

For more information, view the Policy & Procedure Manual.