Holtz Children’s Hospital offers several specialized programs designed to help children and families lead a safe and healthy lifestyle. Read below for more information on the programs, or call 305-585-KIDS (5437).

Comprehensive Spina Bifida Program

The Comprehensive Spina Bifida Program at Holtz Children’s Hospital offers patients direct access to a multidisciplinary team of pediatric experts – all in one centralized location. Patients with spina bifida or spinal cord birth defects can receive comprehensive care in a child-friendly and compassionate environment. Our integrated team of experts addresses the needs of each patient from neurosurgical and urological treatment to dietary and transitional care.   

The spina bifida clinic meets every first Tuesday of the month from 1 – 4 p.m.

The practice is located on the Jackson Memorial Hospital campus in the Bachelor’s Center of Urology suite. Self-parking is available in the North (blue) garage and valet services are located at the entrance of the Diagnostic Treatment Center (DTC).

Jackson Memorial Hospital
1080 N.W. 19th Street
Batchelor Center of Urology
Central Building, Suite 150
Miami, FL 33136
Phone: 305 585-3627
Fax: 305 585-3322
Email: holtz.spinabifida@jhsmiami.org

For more information about the spina bifida program at Holtz Children’s, click here.

Family Advisory Council (FAC)

Did you know you can enrich and improve the experience of other families at Holtz Children’s Hospital? We have a team dedicated to doing just that. Our Family Advisory Council (FAC) includes patients, their families, and staff members who advise administration and medical support staff on ways to extend our family-centered care. We’re looking for more voices to continue improving how we make miracles.

Please join the FAC at their next monthly meeting to provide feedback about your experience. Family Advisory Council members meet on the first Thursday of every month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Holtz Children’s Hospital, in Room 3003 (summer hours may vary). Meetings are open to the public. For more information about the FAC, call 305-585-KIDS (5437).

Family Advisory Council Art Gallery

At Holtz Children’s Hospital, we strive to provide the best possible care in a family-centered environment. With the support from our Family Advisory Council, we continue to improve the patient experience and create an engaging atmosphere for our patients and their families.

We invite artists to participate in our latest initiative, the Family Advisory Council Art Gallery. All artwork will be reviewed and selected by the Family Advisory Council and the administrative team at Holtz Children’s Hospital.

If you would like your artwork to be considered for use at the Family Advisory Council Art Gallery, please send a completed Gifts of Art Submission Form to HoltzGallery@jhsmiami.org, along with visual samples of the proposed donation.

For more information about donating to the Family Advisory Council Art Gallery, please contact HoltzGallery@jhsmiami.org or call 305-585-1096. 

Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program

Holtz Children’s Hospital is home to a Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program. The program, supervised by specialists from Child Life Services, is made up of foster grandmothers who visit and spend time with children while they are in the hospital. These wonderful ladies are an important part of the children’s support system and are present on all units except for critical care. Foster grandmothers have regular hours and provide a consistent “hand to hold.” Like the specialists from Child Life Services, they are present to reduce stress and give comfort.

For more information on our Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program, call (305) 585-6541.

Injury Free-Miami

Dedicated to creating safer communities and keeping kids safe at home, on the road and in water.

Injury Free-Miami is the center for injury prevention and research at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center. Injury Free-Miami serves South Florida in promoting research-based injury prevention programs that are implemented through community partnerships. Injury Free-Miami also trains professionals in child safety and uses local injury data to help guide policy and programs.

We work with parents, caregivers, professionals, and communities to intervene before preventable child injuries and deaths occur. Injury Free-Miami studies the who, how, where, and why of injuries, to identify risk. We develop and evaluate hospital and community-based programs to promote safety in our multicultural community. Our staff provides training and resources in English, Spanish, and Creole to create safer living and play spaces for children.

Keystone programs include:

  • Injury Free-Mobile for home and water safety
  • Buckle up for Life/Abrochemos a la Vida
  • Home and passenger safety training in health clinics

For more information on Injury-Free Miami, call 305-585-3928.

Injury Prevention Programs

Injuries are one of the leading causes of death in the United States and are almost always preventable. That’s why Jackson Memorial Hospital and Holtz Children’s Hospital provide community-based injury prevention education for all ages.

The goal of these programs is to heighten injury awareness, provide trauma prevention education, and promote wellness and safety to all populations in our community.
Our topics include:

  • Bicycle Safety
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Seat Belt Safety
  • Ride Safe, Drive Safe
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Drug Use/Abuse/Addiction
  • Stand Strong for Life
  • Poison Prevention
  • Fire Safety
  • Health and Safety Fairs
  • Water Safety
  • Career Day Presentation

These programs are free of charge, age-specific, and can be given in a variety of settings such as schools, businesses, senior centers, community or faith-based groups, parks’ programs, etc.

We regularly educate students and teachers at schools, address PTAs and attend private businesses’ employee health days at locations.

If your company, organization, or school is interested in a presentation for one or more of these free programs, please contact us at least 30 days ahead of time to facilitate scheduling.

For more information, contact Cindy Magnole, RN at 305-585-7971 or email magnole@jhsmiami.org.

Mailman Center for Child Development

Children who suffer from medical complications often need additional help and attention to ensure their development. At the Mailman Center for Child Development, located at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, specialty trained staff develop individual programs to meet the needs of each child.

Contact the Mailman Center for Child Development:

Appointments: 305-243-6631
General Information: 305-243-5978
Fax: 305-243-5978
Email: pedsinformation@med.miami.edu

Mailman Center for Child Development
1601 N.W. 12th Ave.
Miami, FL 33136

For more information on the Mailman Center, visit their website.

Medical Foster Care Program

All children deserve to be part of a family. Unfortunately, there are some children with medical conditions who are forced to live in hospitals and institutions where caregivers change with every shift. The Medical Foster Care Program is designed to get foster children out of hospitals by placing them with specially trained foster parents in the community.

A medical foster parent is any licensed foster parent who is willing and able to learn how to care for a child with medical needs. In order for parents to qualify, they must complete a 40-hour medical foster parenting training course, which teachers them to understand and learn how to tend to the needs of medically complex children and their families. The program does not require their parents to have any previous healthcare experience and provides training for each child placed in their home.

To learn more about how to become a medical foster parent, call 305-585-7590.

Miami HEAT Home Court for Teens

Care for Pediatric Transplant Patients Before and After Transplantation

Pediatric transplant patients require complex care that requires both short-term and/ or long-term hospitalization. At Holtz Children’s Hospital, these patients are either awaiting transplantation or receiving care following their transplantation in the Miami HEAT Home Court for Transplant Patients unit (PTSU). Recently renovated, the unit provides a warm and welcoming environment that becomes a home-away-from-home for our young patients and their families. Parents and guardians are welcome to stay with their children while they are in the hospital. The unit features private rooms with sleeper couches, recliners, and bathroom facilities for our patients’ families. PTSU specializes in providing the highest quality of care to children receiving solid organ transplants of the heart, intestines, kidney, liver, lungs, and/or pancreas. Furthermore, the unit is the only facility in the southeastern United States that performs multi-visceral transplants. The patients and their families receive a multi-disciplinary approach due to the complexity of their conditions. Holtz Children’s offers support services and programs to help families cope with their child’s condition.

For more information, call 305-585-KIDS (5437).

Pediatric Extended Care Program

For children with complex medical problems, their healing and recovery does not end when they leave the hospital. Once discharged, they require special care and attention and are usually unable to attend regular school or day care. At Jackson Health System, we offer the only Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) program in South Florida directly related to a hospital. The day program is available for families with children up to 21 years of age with medically complex problems. In this program — set in safe, home-like environment — children can receive nursing care, respiratory treatments, occupational, speech and physical therapy, and schooling appropriate for their age. This allows the child’s parent or caretaker to work or attend school while ensuring the child is safe and receiving the care and medical attention they need.

For more information, contact Barbara Romero, Nurse Manager at 305-547-2500 or BRomero@jhsmiami.org.

Jackson Pediatric Center
1477 N.W. 8th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136

Pediatric Transport Team

Patients at Holtz Children’s also have access to the hospital’s aeromedical transport service, which provides regional air ambulance transport from other hospitals and emergency medical service organizations within a 200-mile radius of Miami, including the Bahamas. The helicopters are equipped with a state-of-the-art critical care unit with crew and equipment capable of providing continuity of care en route for critically ill children.

Safe Sleep Program

Jackson Health System is the safest place in South Florida to welcome your new baby. As partners in the Cribs For Kids Safe Sleep program, we provide patients with the resources they need to create a safe sleeping environment for their newborns.

To learn more about safe sleeping techniques, click here

The Heart & Transplant Family Circle Support Group

As the needs of our transplant patient and families are ever-changing, this family support group was developed to foster the strength and support this unique experience entails. As our patients at Holtz Children’s begin their transplant journey, we know that it is beneficial to create opportunities for them to share their experiences in a safe and confidential setting. Our vision is to support our patients and families in sustaining their hope and developing supportive relationships and provides our families with a voice.

Support group discussions range from sharing thoughts on the progress of the transplant journey to learning about nutrition and community resources that are available.

These discussions are held once a month at Holtz Children’s Hospital. For more information, call 305-585-5430.

The Jason Taylor Children’s Learning Center

The Jason Taylor Foundation  supports and creates programs that facilitate the personal growth and empowerment of South Florida’s children in need by focusing on improved health care, education and quality of life.

One of Holtz Children’s Hospital’s priority projects is the Jason Taylor Children’s Learning Center, a recreational and educational hub for young patients.

The center opens the world to hospitalized children by allowing them to engage in social activities, reinforce learning curriculum through access to educational websites and the Internet, and affording them the ability to be themselves in a child-friendly setting. The center provides access to technology even when a patient is unable to leave his or her room. Laptops are distributed in order to support family and friend connections via email, social networking and other web tools. The Jason Taylor Learning Center has created a way for parents and caregivers to access important resources such as email, bill pay, bank accounts and educational sites. All these essential components come together to improve quality of care and to ultimately pave the way to a speedy recovery.