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Social Media Policy

Jackson Health System, including Holtz Children’s Hospital, has opened social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. By posting on any of our pages, you agree to the following terms:

We encourage comments, interaction and dialogue on our Jackson Health System and Holtz Children’s Hospital social media outlets including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube. Pinterest and LinkedIn. We hope you will join the discussion by keeping your comments, posts and tweets relevant and respectful. We will not tolerate comments that are unlawful, inappropriate, abusive, obscene, or defamatory, and will remove any which violate these guidelines.

We reserve the right to remove comments/posts/tweets containing personal health information, including patient images or phone numbers. If you are having a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1. Any comments/posts/tweets considered spam, advertising or infringing on third party rights will also be removed. We do not endorse, nor edit or control the content of posted comments by third parties on this page. Users grant Jackson Health System the right to reproduce, publish, distribute and display content. Please feel free to participate on our page within these guidelines. Thank you.

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