Joe Arriola

Dear Jackson supporter,

When Miami-Dade voters overwhelmingly approved the Miracle-Building Bond in 2013, they signaled a renewed faith in Jackson Health System’s mission and its future.

But this was more than just a vote of confidence. It was a mandate.

The taxpayer-owners of Jackson expect – and deserve – a healthcare system that will provide world-class care not only for this generation, but for generations to come.

This means we need to build the best possible Jackson: one that remains true to its historic public mission while remaining competitive in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

The Miracle-Building Bond program is a crucial element in this plan to ensure a bright future for all of Jackson. Today more than ever we are committed to protecting Jackson’s legacy by improving facilities, upgrading equipment and technology, and expanding the availability of care to even more neighborhoods throughout Miami-Dade County.

These projects will help us attract the full range of patients, which, in turn, provide the financial ability that will allow Jackson to successfully fulfill its public promise of a single high standard of care delivered to every Miami-Dade resident.

Finally, our appearance and infrastructure will live up the promise of our cutting-edge medicine and world-class caregivers.

As chairman of the independent governing body that oversees Miami-Dade’s most vital healthcare resource, I am passionate about transparency and accountability – especially when it comes to our role as caretakers of this voter-approved bond funding.

Our oversight comes from local elected and appointed leaders, as well as our own staff of professionals and industry experts.
There will be many ways to partner with Jackson on these projects. Much of the work on these projects will be performed by a labor force and small businesses based in our community.

The approval of the Miracle-Building Bond was a shining moment in Jackson’s nearly 100-year history, but the hardest work is yet to come.

I invite you learn more about the bond program, and join us in our efforts to build a stronger, better Jackson for the future.

On behalf of the Jackson family, and all whom we serve, thank you for your support.


Joe Arriola
Chairman, Public Health Trust Board of Trustees