The Jackson Memorial Hospital Department of Radiology is committed to offering the highest quality medical care. Our physicians, nurses, and technical staff focus on blending the latest in radiological technology with specialized expertise to diagnose and treat their patients. We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic exams delivered by experts who are dedicated to compassionate care.

What to Expect

Our team at the Diagnostic Treatment Center provides the highest level of service for guests of Jackson Memorial Hospital. Upon arrival, your personal and insurance information will be verified. The registration process takes approximately 10-15 minutes. If your insurance coverage or eligibility has changed or if there are any questions about the clinical information provided by your physician, it may take longer to register. Once checked in, you will proceed to the examination area. To avoid delays or the possibility of having your appointment rescheduled, please arrive on time, bring a valid photo ID, your payer authorization, a radiology prescription, your co-pay or deductible payment and your current medications. Also, please follow instructions regarding your particular radiology exam. Common preparation instruction is included on each radiology service page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the procedure?
Most radiology procedures are relatively short in duration – from 5-30 minutes. Some procedures require contrast, which may add up to 2 hours to your visit. Other procedures may be lengthy in nature. If you have questions about your procedure, refer to the radiology service page, or please call us at 305-585-6000.

Do I need someone to drive me home?
You will need to coordinate transportation home after an interventional radiology procedure. You should be able to drive home after other radiology procedures.

Can I eat before my procedure?
Some procedures may require fasting. Please refer to the guidelines pertaining to your specific procedure listed on the right-side of this page.