We have additional expertise when you need it. The Women’s Hospital at Jackson Memorial specializes in high-risk maternity care. Pregnancy after age 35, mothers with diabetes, a history of preterm labor or miscarriage, and carrying twins, triplets, or quadruplets can make a pregnancy higher risk, for example. Our ante-partum unit staff members care for pregnant women who require close monitoring and specialized care before delivery. And as a Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center, we have specialists available 24/7.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Jackson Health System is staffed with experts in prenatal diagnosis and the treatment of complex fetal conditions. Most often, fetal care is indicated because the fetus’ life is at risk. Generally, the earlier the prenatal diagnosis, the better the survival rate and outcome.

Our physicians, who are board-certified in maternal-fetal medicine, as well as obstetrics and gynecology, help thousands of women every year as they plan for and manage high-risk pregnancies. We specialize in a wide range of diagnostic techniques, including high-resolution ultrasound, non-invasive genetic screening, chorionic villus sampling, placental biopsies, genetic testing, cordocentesis (sampling of the umbilical cord), diagnostic fetoscopy, prenatal diagnosis, and pre-conceptual counseling.

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