Jackson Health System nurses are global leaders committed to excellence in providing
world class care through innovation, collaboration and evidence-based practice.

We believe that nursing is a professional discipline, of both art and science that incorporates nursing knowledge, critical thinking and caring. The delivery of care is guided by a “Single High Standard of Care” for all that is safe, culturally-competent, and patient and family-focused. Nursing practice is vital to accomplishing the JHS Mission, Values, Pillars of Success and Standards of Excellence.

We believe that each individual is unique and brings abilities and needs to the health care milieu. We are committed to relationship-based care that focuses on nurses’ relationships with patients and families, co-workers and self. The nurse-patient relationship is based on genuine care and respect, recognizing the individual’s values, developmental stage, disabilities, sexual orientation, nationality, religious and cultural beliefs.

Our goal for nursing at Jackson Health System is to provide excellent care whereby all nurses are encouraged to realize their best potential as professionals. Excellence in patient care is fostered by providing nurses with orientation, mentoring, resources, continuing education and advancement opportunities. Our nursing practice is evidenced-based and one of collaboration with other healthcare professionals, educational institutions, healthcare advocates and organizations at local, regional, state, national and international levels. We promote collaboration that brings together clinical practice, administration, education and research.