Shared Governance in Nursing at Jackson Health System

JHS Unit Practice CouncilsNursing Services are structured via a Shared Governance Model that facilitates decision making participation at all staff levels. To view the model, click here.

Unit Practice Councils (UPCs) at Jackson Health System represent the unit-based aspect of the Shared Governance model in nursing. Frontline staff are empowered to identify barriers to clinical practice and partner with management to resolve issues. UPCs are made up of a mix of healthcare professionals at all skill levels: unit secretaries, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other unlicensed personnel. UPC members are usually elected by their peers.

A UPC is established in every practice area of Jackson Health System. These UPCs are the grassroots governance structures where staff nurses and other team members participate in decision-making about how to improve nursing practice and provide quality care. The UPCs are facilitated by unit Nurse Managers or other resource nurses.

Each of the 6 organizational structures maintains Steering Council(s) where the UPCs and managers meet to participate in Shared Governance activities.

The Quarterly Shared Governance Coordinating Council is the venue where outstanding outcomes and accomplishments of the UPCS are shared with nurses and executive staff. UPCs and Professional Practice Councils exemplify and embody transformational leadership.