UPC Name
WW5 Cardiac Telemetry UPC

West Wing 5 Cardiovascular Division

Cardiovascular Services

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive
Ric Cuming, RN, MSN, EdD, NEA-BC

Special Accomplishments

  • West Wing 5 is a specialized Cardiology/Telemetry Unit. Many of our patients are admitted from the Cardiac Catheterization Lab after cardiac procedures such as device implantation (pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs) and peripheral stenting, and electrophysiology study with/without ablation. We receive numerous transfers from Jackson North and South and internationally for cardiac procedures.
  • Our nurses are trained in the care of advanced heart failure and management of patients on acute and chronic inotropic drug therapy and also the care of pre and post heart transplantation patients.
    Our UPC was established in February 2010.
  • We launched our Integrated Model in March 2010 and patient rounds are conducted daily.

Our goal is to decrease length of stay (LOS) and reduce the readmission rate of heart failure patients. Overall LOS decreased from 4.55 in January to 3.94 in October 2010.

Size & Type
33 beds; cardiovascular with telemetry capability

Staff Summary
All staff are trained and passed competency in EKG rhythm interpretation, and are trained to care for cardiac patients requiring telemetry monitoring. All Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) completed and passed telemetry tech competency. Twenty-six (26) Registered Nurses  (15 BSN, 10 AS, 1 diploma), 1 LPN.  Ten (10) Telemetry Technicians, 4 Unit Secretaries. 67% of our Registered Nurses are ACLS certified.

Staff Skill Mix
96% RN 58% BSN

Organizational Structure
Our organizational structure follows the Shared Governance model with Nurse Manager, Associate Nurse Managers, Clinical Staff Nurses, Patient Care Technicians/Telemetry Technicians, Unit Secretaries and other direct care staff involved in improving clinical practice.

West Wing 5 Cardiovascular Division
WW5 UPC Members (From left-right)
Yero-Aguaya, RN, MSN (Facilitator), Brenda Ingram-Maultszby, HUS, Sharon Clouden, JHSTT, Cathya Sagesse, RN, BSN (Co-Chair), Karen Sutton, RN, BSN (Chair), Jessica Williams, RN, BSN (Recorder)
West Wing 5 UPC members not in photo: Shanneetra Clark, JHSTT, Sharon Haye, JHSTT, Yadira Arabia, JHSTT
West Wing 5 UPC members not in photo: Shanneetra Clark, JHSTT, Sharon Haye, JHSTT, Yadira Arabia, JHSTT