UPC Name
Child Services – Mental Health UPC

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAAP) Unit and Statewide Inpatient Psychiatry Program (SIPP Unit)
Jackson Mental Health Hospital

Jackson Memorial Mental Health Hospital  

Chief Nursing Officer – Jackson Mental Health Hospital
John Repique, RN, MS, NEA-BC

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Ric Cuming, RN, MSN, EdD, NEA-BC

Special Accomplishments

  • The Child Services – Mental Health UPC has been focusing on staff education and satisfaction to improve the quality of care patients receive on their units. The group designed “Smile Cards” and are handing them out to staff to reinforce positive attitudes and a job well done. The cards say, “When you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” The back of the card lists the UPC Commitments to Our Co-Workers.
  • These rewards have been well received and have helped to keep the staff aware of their UPC and its vision for excellence.
  • This UPC has set a long term goal to develop a new care delivery model that is patient and family friendly as well as relationship-based.
  • The CAAP and SIPP Units were the first two pilot units in Jackson Mental Health Hospital for Jackson Health System’s Nursing Group Practice Model and are developing a hand-off communication tool to improve staff communication and quality of patient care.
  • Shared Governance Coordinating Council Presentation January 2008: Sustaining a Successful UPC

Size & Type
There are 10 beds in the Acute Psychiatric Unit and 15 beds in the Residential Psychiatric Unit

Staff Skill Mix
36% RN

Organizational Structure
Our organizational structure follows the Shared Governance model. It is made up of a nurse managers associate nurse managers, clinical staff nurses, MHTs, psychologists, social workers, unit secretary and others as needed.

Child Services - Mental Health Unit Practice Council
CAAP Unit and SIPP Unit UPC Members (from l-r)
Krystal Gopichand, BS (Recorder), Susan Andre, RN, Pablo Landi, MT-BC, William “Gilly” Gillyard, BS, Sandra Hall, CNA, Susan Chalfin, PhD (Group Leader), Not in picture: James Nicholson, RN (UPC Facilitator)