UPC Name
JNMC Women’s & Children’s Services

Labor & Delivery (L&D),  Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU), Post Partum & Pediatric Unit

UPC Members
(Chair) Marie Jean-Louis, RN, BSN (Co-Chair) Cindy Reyes, RN, (Recorder) Michelle Tossona, RN, LNC, Katina Williams, RN, BSN, Marie Janvier, RN, BSN, Dahlia Lambert, RN Daisy Lewis, CNA, Marie Saint-Fleur, RN, Ridza Albert, RN, Ketley Alcindor, RN, Takisha Stringer, PCT, & Sandra Campbell, RN, Maya Johnson, RN, MSHSH, MSN, Giso Johnson, RN, BSN, MBA, Donna Mundy, RN, Marie Kernizan, RN, Katina Williams, RN, BSN, Annette Hylton, HUS, Cherly Goode, LCSW, CPOR, Dolcie Walton-Darling, RN, BSN, Marcelle Darbouze, RN, Anne Marie Jean Marie, PCT

JNMC Chief Nursing Officer
Indra Battle-Triana, RN, MSN, MSM

JHS Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive
Ric Cuming, RN, MSN, EdD, NEA-BC

Special Accomplishments
Indra Battle-Triana, RN, MSN, MSM and Jackson North’s CNO, along with the Women’s and Children’s Services Unit Practice Council (UPC) were invited to address the Public Health Trust.

  • Shared Governance Coordinating Council Presentation February 2011: Post Partum Pain Management

Size & Type

  • Average Monthly Deliveries: 140
  • L&D: 7 private rooms
  • NICU: 10 beds
  • Post Partum: 16 private suites
  • Pediatrics: 10 rooms

Staff Summary

  • L&D: 16 RNs
  • 4 OB Techs
  • 1 hospital unit secretary
  • NICU: 11 RN’s
  • Post Partum: 12 RNs, 1 LPN, 4 PCT/CNA, 2 hospital unit secretaries
  • Pediatrics: 6 RNs

Staff Skill Mix
98% RNs, 2% LPNs

Nurse-Patient Ratio
Staffing based on AWHONN standards

Organizational Structure
Our UPC is staff driven. Our organizational structure follows the Shared Governance Model. Frontline staff is empowered through our UPC to examine clinical practice, design evidence-based measures for improvement by working collaboratively with management.

Indra’s presentation, “Improving Patient Perception and Overall Experience” highlighted our improving PRC scores as well as our focus on the Relationship-Based Care (RBC) model. Marie Jean Louis, RN, BSN (UPC Chair), Cynthia Reyes, RN (UPC Co-Chair) and Michelle Tossona, RN (Recorder) all spoke of the success of our UPC project “Post Partum Pain Management”. Giso Johnson, RN, BSN, MBA, Associate Director of Nursing for Perioperative Services, Facilitator for the Women’s and Children’s UPC; Maya Johnson, RN, MSN, MHSA, Associate Director of Nursing for Women’s and Children’s Services; Nicole Dieudonne, RN, MSN, Associate Director of Nursing for Jackson North Community Center accompanied and supported our team during the  presentation.

JNMC Women's & Children's Services
(l to r): Indra Battle-Triana, RN, MSN, MSM; Giso Johnson, RN; Cindy Reyes, RN; Marie Jean-Louis, RN, BSN; Michelle Tossona, RN; Maya Johnson, RN, MSN, MHSA; Nicole Dieudonne, RN, MSN
JNMC Women's & Children's Services
(l – r): Annette Hylton, HUS; Michelle Tossona, RN, LNC; Cheryl Goode, LCSW, CPOR; Maya Johnson, RN, MSHSH; Cindy Reyes, RN; Giso Johnson, RN, BSN, MBA; Marie Jean-Louis, RN, BSN; Ann-Marie Jean-Marie, PCT; Joan James, RN