UPC Name

West Wing 15, Jackson Memorial Hospital

Transplant Services

Interim Nurse Manager
Marlene Augustin, RN, MSN

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive
Ric Cuming, RN, MSN, EdD, NEA-BC

Special Accomplishments

  • WW15 is a highly specialized organ transplant unit with a very low turnover rate among staff.
  • Group members have pledged their commitment to improve clinical practice on their unit while focusing on patient/staff satisfaction and education.

Size & Type
The unit has 32 beds for medical/surgical patients.

Staff Summary
45 RNs, LPNs

Staff Skill Mix
64% RN; 30% CERTs

Organizational Structure
Our organizational structure follows the Shared Governance model. It is made up of nurse managers, associate nurse managers, clinical staff nurses, patient care technicians (PCTs), secretaries and administrators.

West Wing 15 - JMH
West Wing 15 UPC Members (front row, l-r)
Conchita Freitag – UPC Facilitator, Marie Divers, RN, Cecilia Valiente, RN, BSN
(back row, l-r) Elaine Llewellyn, RN, BSN – Co-chair, Carline Fan Fan, RN, BSN, Shirlene Hazel, RN, BSN – Chair, Tiffany James, RN, BSN – Recorder, Adan Marquez, HUS, Camelia Ilca, RN
(missing) AngeRosie Stcroix