Maydelis Vieyto

After taking a home pregnancy test in February 2014, Maydelis Vieyto received the best surprise of her life – she was pregnant with her second child.
She was excited when she rushed to a clinic to confirm the great news with a blood test. However, Maydelis got the shock of her life. Doctors recommended an immediate abortion after diagnosing that she was having an ectopic pregnancy, in which the fertilized egg attaches itself in a place other than the uterus. The embryo would not survive.
“We went from being so excited to pure devastation,” said Raul Vargas Alom, Maydelis’ husband. “But we wanted a second opinion.”
The couple went to a local hospital, where they received a similar diagnosis. An abortion, they were again told, was the best option.
Still holding out hope, the couple sought another opinion from doctors in the emergency room at Jackson Memorial Hospital. After an ultrasound and blood tests, Maydelis was told there were no issues and that her pregnancy was viable.
“The doctor said it was not an ectopic pregnancy, it was just that the fetus was too little to see at that point,” Raul said. “Thanks to the technology at Jackson and the expertise of its doctors, our baby was saved.”
Their perfectly healthy baby girl, Nathalie, was born later the same year on November 25. Mom, Dad, and big sister, Evanyely, were thrilled to welcome the new addition to their family.
Raul was so impressed by the compassionate care his wife received at Jackson, that he was inspired to join the Jackson family. In September, he began working as a patient access representative in the admitting department at Jackson North Medical Center.
“This is a tremendous organization, where miracles really are made daily,” Raul said. “My daughter’s life was saved here, and I am forever grateful.”