Pharmacy Services mission is to provide a single high standard of pharmaceutical care, education and research, accessiible to all residents of Miami-Dade County. We aim to deliver a full range of pharmaceutical care including prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital Pharmacy’s primary goal is to meet the needs of all of our customers with special concern for the most vulnerable members of the community including the uninsured and others with significant unmet needs for pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical care.

Prescription Refill Line: 305-355-4000

To contact the Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital Pharmacy, please call 305-355-7203.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get prescriptions filled at a Jackson Health System pharmacy?

  • Patients with an active PHT CareCard
  • JHS employees, medical staff and their family members

What prescriptions can be filled at a Jackson Health System pharmacy?
Prescription(s) written by a doctor (or other prescriber) who has an active Jackson Health System provider number

To reduce long waiting times, priority for filling prescriptions at any primary care center pharmacy will be given to those patients who are registered at that center. Patients are encouraged to have their prescriptions filled at the center where they visited the physician who wrote the prescriptions.

If I had my prescriptions filled at an outside pharmacy, can I get them transferred to a Jackson Health System pharmacy?
Yes. If the prescription was written by a doctor who has an active Jackson Health System provider number, it’s written on a JHS prescription pad and medical services were provided at a Jackson Health System facility.

Can I have my prescriptions transferred to a pharmacy outside of Jackson Health System?
Yes. Take your prescription bottles to the pharmacy of your choice and the pharmacy will call us to make the transfer.

If I have prescriptions filled at a Jackson Health System pharmacy, how much will it cost?
The amount that you pay will vary depending on your financial classification. The majority of patients pay a small pharmacy encounter fee and receive a bill for the remainder. Click here for fee listings.

How can I get my refill medication(s) at a Jackson Health System pharmacy?
Calling the automatic refill line at (305) 355-4000 is the fastest and most convenient way. The system will tell you when to pick up your medication(s).

When can I drop off prescriptions?
Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital Pharmacy
Monday – Friday, 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Are the pharmacies open on holidays?
Some pharmacies have holiday hours. Please check the individual pharmacy for its holiday schedule.

What do I need to have when I pick up my medications?

  • Valid PHT CareCard
  • Cashier’s receipt
  • Claim ticket (if dropped off at the window)
  • Picture ID may be required for some prescription orders

How long will you keep my prescriptions or refills?
All prescriptions or refills must be picked up within 14 days or the medication(s) will be returned to stock, and you will have to reorder your medication(s).

How do I use the automatic refill line?

Touch-tone callers can follow these simple steps:

1. Call Jackson Health System Services at (305) 355-4000.

2. Press 1 to continue in English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Creole or it will continue in English.

3. Choose from the following:

1 = Prescription Refill
2 = Transfer to Hospital – Please hang up and dial (305) 585-1111
3 = Pharmacy Information / Hours of Operation
4 = Transfer to Call Center

4. Please choose a pick-up site:

1 = Jackson ACC (Ambulatory Care Center)
2 = North Dade
3 = Behavioral Health

5. Choose from the following:

1 = Correct
2 = Re-enter

6. Enter Prescription number (Rx#) followed by #. This can be found at either the top left or right corner of the prescription label.

7. Choose from the following:

1 = Confirm
2 = Re-enter
3 = Return to Main Menu
* = Pharmacy Personnel

8. Choose from the following:

1 = Order Complete
2 = Fill another Prescription (Rx)
* = Pharmacy Personnel

9. Choose from the following:

* = Pharmacy
1 = End your call

*If you do not have refills, contact your physician to schedule an appointment or clinic.


  • You must pick up your refill within 10 business days from when you called in the refill or it will be returned to the hospital.
  • Please call one week before you run out of medicine.
  • You will have to pay for each month’s co-pay when you pick up your refill.
  • If you want more than one-month supply of medicine, please contact your care provider.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Contact Us

Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital Pharmacy
1695 N.W. 9th Avenue
Room 1311
Miami, FL 33136