Celebrating 25 Years of Saving Lives

Since 1992, the doctors, nurses and staff at Ryder Trauma Center | Jackson Memorial have been dedicated to saving the lives of people with critical injuries. Ryder is a world-renowned adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma center located in Miami-Dade County. It provides the following services to trauma victims:

  • resuscitation
  • emergency surgical intervention
  • intensive care
  • rehabilitation
  • outpatient care

Advanced trauma care is also provided to a large number of international patients transferred from the Caribbean, South America and Central America. Ryder features extensive research and education facilities, and serves as an Army Forward Surgical Team Training facility, preparing military healthcare personnel to provide care to those injured on the battlefield.

From resuscitation to rehabilitation, we provide a comprehensive continuum of care to the entire community. The specialized training, experience, and skills of our surgeons, physicians, nurses and staff are responsible for saving lives and hastening patient recoveries at every stage of the process.

ACS Level 1 Trauma Center

ACS Level 1 Trauma Center