Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Highlight: EBS Engineering, Inc.

Interview with Benjamin Essien, Principal

Interview with Benjamin Essien, Principal

How did you first learn of the opportunity to work with Jackson Health System?

From Miami-Dade County’s Small Business Division (SBD), which sent out emails to verify the availability of small business architecture firms to participate in a project. These are the usual emails sent out by SBD to verify the
availability of small businesses for pre-qualification.

What has your experience working with Jackson been like?

It has been a delightful experience. Everyone has been very professional – from
the procurement staff to the small business support/compliance staff and
project managers.

What services do you provide at Jackson?

We provide professional engineering and environmental site assessment services for various Jackson facilities.

Why is it important for Jackson to do business with local small business enterprises like yours?

The community benefits from the opportunity for employment within the local environment. Jackson also benefits from the homegrown workforce.

How has your business grown from doing business with Jackson?

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to both maintain and even add a few new