Established by Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1986, the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN) was the first organization in Miami-Dade County to provide client advocacy/case management and related support services to people with HIV/AIDS. SFAN is now the single largest comprehensive HIV/AIDS service provider in Miami-Dade County.

SFAN serves patients of varied cultures and languages, including staff fluent in English, Spanish, French and Creole. SFAN is sensitive to the needs of the infected and affected individuals, including minorities, the underinsured and the indigent population. All information is confidential.


Medical case managers at the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN) assess a client’s medical, financial, educational, psychosocial and referral needs, and then develop an individualized plan of care to meet those needs.

The SFAN, through its participating agencies, provides:

  • Education on how to reduce risks of contracting HIV
  • Inpatient educational sessions
  • Free confidential HIV counseling and testing (picture ID is needed)
  • Outreach and peer education
  • Transportation assistance
  • Food vouchers
  • Medicaid waiver program
  • Temporary shelter placement
  • Assistance with floor and emergency room discharges
  • Prevention programs for persons who are HIV+
  • Seminars, workshops and consultations to healthcare professionals
  • Educational services to the public
  • One-on-one education and educational lectures on HIV and AIDS are provided for infected and affected individuals.

Referral Services

Based on the client’s needs and individual program guidelines, an SFAN case manager may issue a referral for the following types of services

  • Medical appointments with a primary care physician
  • Dental care
  • Eye care
  • Outpatient specialty care
  • Medication assistance
  • Nutritional services
  • Housing and utilities assistance
  • Substance abuse treatment programs
  • Food assistance programs
  • Temporary shelter placement
  • Short-term rental assistance
  • Clinical trial assessments
  • Transportation assistance
  • Food vouchers
  • Skilled-nursing services delivered in the home
  • Bereavement counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Social Security Administration
  • Florida Department of Children and Families

Additional Services

Medical Case Management – The SFAN Medical Case Managers eligibility for new, and existing, clients to the state of Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Medical Case Managers work collaboratively to ensure that no time is lost getting clients into the program and access to their medications.

Testing & Eligibility

Free Confidential HIV Testing
SFAN provides free and confidential Orasure Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) counseling and testing. (The individual’s name is placed on the sample and records are kept private.)

Session includes:

  • Information about the HIV test and its benefits
  • Ways HIV is transmitted and how it can be prevented
  • The meaning of the test results in explicit, understandable language
  • Where to obtain further information
  • Where to obtain other services including, if applicable, treatment

Individuals seeking to enroll in the SFAN program and become eligible for services must meet the following criteria:

  • Proof of Miami-Dade County residency
  • Proof of HIV/AIDS status (Elisa and Western Blot test results)
  • Proof of income
  • Picture identification

Community Awareness

SFAN is committed to developing community resources to ensure ongoing quality health care for HIV/AIDS clients in Miami-Dade County. SFAN hosts regular community education sessions, support groups, health fairs and outreach initiatives.

The South Florida AIDS Network Annual World AIDS Day Luncheon and Health Fair are annual events for the community. Since 1988, December 1st has been designated as World AIDS Day, bringing messages of compassion, hope, solidarity, advocacy and understanding about HIV/AIDS to every country in the world. This annual observance brings healthcare and client service providers, advocacy groups and pharmaceutical industry professionals together with the persons who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. The event theme, “Many Hearts, One Beat,” serves to underscore our diversity and our unity in the battle against HIV/AIDS. SFAN’s mission on this upcoming World AIDS Day will be to demonstrate that our strength is in our diversity. Because of this, we can fight discrimination, provide more care to more people and prevent this disease from taking more lives.

In 2004-2006, SFAN served as co-chair of the annual Miami-Dade National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness & Information Day NBHAAID, celebrated on February 7th each year. In 2007, we will assume the role again. NBHAAID is co-funded and sponsored by the Community Capacity Building Coalition (CCBC), a coalition of national organizations funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the National Minority AIDS Initiative. CCBC provides capacity-building assistance to community-based organizations and stakeholders involved in HIV/AIDS, a coalition of local AIDS service organizations partner with community organizations and businesses to create awareness of HIV/AIDS and to encourage prevention.

SFAN plays a vital role in the organizing committee of the SIDA Ayer, Hoy, Mañana Annual Conference (AIDS: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow). This conference is organized by leaders of the Hispanic community from the different agencies that provide services to people infected and affected with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Florida. The goal of SIDA Ayer, Hoy, Manana is to provide the Hispanic community with state-of-the-art information on HIV prevention, education and treatment, so that people infected and/or affected can make well-informed and healthier decisions. This is a yearly event.

Funding Awareness

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009 is Federal legislation that addresses the unmet health needs of persons living with HIV disease by funding primary health care and support services that enhance access to and retention in care.

Ryan White program services are intended to reduce the use of more costly inpatient care, increase access to care for underserved populations and improve the quality of life for those affected by the epidemic. The Ryan White program works toward these goals by funding local and state programs that provide primary medical care and support services, healthcare provider training and technical assistance to help funded programs address implementation and emerging HIV care issues.

SFAN works under the policy of the Ryan White program to ensure that every individual serviced by SFAN is provided with primary medical care and support services.
*content from http://hab.hrsa.gov/livinghistory/

Current Statistics
Florida has several areas reporting the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the United States. Miami-Dade County ranks first in the state with the number of AIDS cases. As of June 2010, there were 24,941 presumed living HIV/AIDS cases reported in Miami-Dade County. Source: Florida Dept. of Health Monthly HIV/AIDS Surveillance Repor

Provider Agencies

  • Borinquen Health Center
  • Children’s Home Society
  • Community AIDS Resource, Inc.
  • Community Health of South Florida, Inc.
  • Jessie Trice Community Health Center, Inc.
  • Jackson Long-Term Care Facility
  • Jefferson Reaves, Sr. Health Center, Inc.
  • Miami Beach Community Health Center
  • North Dade Health Center
  • PHT-Department of Health (DOH) PET Center
  • Salvation Army
  • University of Miami

Contact Us

SFAN – Jackson Memorial Hospital
South Florida AIDS Network
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1611 N.W. 12th Avenue
ACC-East/First Floor
Miami, FL 33136

SFAN – Hialeah
240 East 1st Avenue, Suite 101
Hialeah, FL 33010
Fax 305-828-2270

SFAN – Florida City
1600 N.W. 6th Court
Florida City, FL 33034
Fax 305-246-2246
E-mail: aidsinfo@jhsmiami.org