In 1960, a British immunologist named Peter Medawar received the Nobel Prize for his pioneering research into the cause of organ rejection among transplant recipients. Soon after, anti-rejection drugs enabled patients to receive organs from non-identical donors, and the modern era of organ transplantation began.

Only 10 years later in 1970, and at a time when organ transplants were still in their infancy, Jackson Memorial Hospital performed its first kidney transplant.

Today, we’re the Miami Transplant Institute, the only center in South Florida that performs all types of transplants. Here, our surgeons perform hundreds of organ transplant procedures annually for patients from throughout the U.S. and abroad. And our programs for both adults and pediatrics consistently rank among the nation’s best.

A Multidisciplinary Program In An Academic Medical Setting

The Miami Transplant Institute was created as an affiliation between Jackson Health System and UHealth to ensure long-term success. Through this collaborative relationship, MTI is able to provide two specialized floors, 74 beds, a dedicated electronic management system, and a future facility with 200,000 square feet to meet the specific needs of our transplant patients.

The first of its kind in the U.S., MTI is comprised of a full multidisciplinary team of physicians with medical, pediatric, and surgical sub-specialties. And as a university-based transplant center, physicians and scientists at the Miami Transplant Institute have the unique opportunity to conduct groundbreaking medical research and to translate their findings – in real time – to their patients, giving new hope where there is often none. Our patients benefit by gaining access to the newest, most advanced, most effective treatments and procedures. They also receive care from some of the most renowned transplant professionals in the world. That team includes a broad range of experts including:

  • Anesthesia, surgical, medical, and pediatric physician specialists
  • Case managers
  • Dietitians
  • Financial coordinators
  • Inpatient and outpatient trained transplant nurses
  • Specialized pharmacists

West Wing 15

Jackson Memorial Hospital’s West Wing 15 is now home to patients from the Miami Transplant Institute. The upgraded floor features rich, sophisticated décor, leading-edge equipment, 25 private rooms, and high-end finishes. Amenities include pull-out sofas for overnight guests, flat-screen televisions, hotel-style safes, a visitor lounge, free Wi-Fi, and more. It also features a physical therapy room with equipment to support recovery and strength for transplant patients. For a nominal fee, patients can enjoy the VIP Package Experience, which includes additional amenities, a gourmet meal, and complimentary self-parking vouchers. From the open-concept nurse station to the indirect lighting and dark-wood furnishings, our accommodations are now as high-quality as our clinical care.

This link leads to a mouse-controlled, virtual tour of a few areas in West Wing 15. You can use the mouse to pan the screen any direction and view the hospital.360 Virtual Tour of West Wing 15


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