Surgery time:

  • Kidney 4-6 hours
  • SPK 6-12 hours
  • Pancreas 4-6 hours

Time in hospital:

  • Discharge teaching will begin from time of admission for transplant and have support system available
  • Discharge when medically stable, even if you may not feel ready
  • Kidney 5-6 days, may go home with Foley catheter or other new devices (glucometer)
  • SPK 7 days
  • Donors
    3 Days Laparoscopic Nephrectomy (link to living donor when built)
    4 days Open Nephrectomy (link to living donor when built)

Will your new kidney work right away?
Most kidneys work immediately. Some take a period of time to begin functioning and might require dialysis session(s). Rarely does the kidney not function (if within 90 days of the transplant, one can be reactivated on the list with no time lost).