You will need to bring any cardiac (electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, stress test, and cardiac clearance) and diagnostic testing results (ultrasounds and x-rays) done in the last six months. If you are over 50, you should bring your most recent colonoscopy results, including the pathology report. If you are a woman over 25, you should bring the results of your last pap smear, and if you are over 40, your last pap smear and mammogram reports.

If you are currently under the care of a specialist for a specific disease, for example, hepatitis or Lupus, you should bring your most recent physician visit notes. You will be sent a package that will include a medication list that should be completed prior to your initial appointment.

The first appointment with the Transplant Team consists of:
Physician, Nurse Coordinator, Social Worker, Dietician, lab work

Please bring:

  • Any additional medical records and testing done by Nephrologist, PCP, GYN, and Dietician
  • Copy of most recent labs for Dietician
  • Copies of driver’s license and all insurance cards
  • A sweater
  • A snack

Your evaluation will consist of the following tests:

  • Bladder ultrasound-if indicated
  • Gallbladder/Abdominal ultrasound (good for 2 years)
  • Cardiac evaluation (annual)
    One of the most important aspects of evaluation. Includes EKG, echo, stress test. Cardiac catheterization if indicated
  • Chest x-ray (annual)
  • TB test (annual)
  • Immunizations
    Pneumovax-good for 5 years. Hepatitis B vaccine. Varicella Titer-Zoster IGG
  • Gynecological evaluation (done by PCP, good for 2 years, unless indicated otherwise)
  • Vascular studies

Optional Testing:

  • Pulmonary evaluation
  • CT of abdomen/pelvis (PKD)
  • UGI/endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy (PCP)
  • Dental evaluation
  • Sustacal Challenge Test (SPK)
  • Ophthalmology evaluation
  • Hepatology consult/liver biopsy-hepatitis (PCP)
  • All other consults
  • Any other testing as directed by your Past medical history

Diagnostic testing will be arranged by the Transplant Center to be performed at UM/JMH.