At MTI, you will become partners with your health care team, which consists of s transplant surgeon, transplant nephrologist, transplant nurse coordinator, social worker, pre-transplant secretary, donor team, patient financial services, dietician, and psychologist. Everyone will work together to ensure a successful procedure and good long-term outcome.



  • Initiation of dialysis therapy or kidney function of 20% or less (calculated or measured)
  • Infants (10kg) to adults (no age limit)
  • No evidence of cancer within two years (other than skin cancer)
  • No evidence of severe cardiac disease (cardiomyopathy, low ejection fraction or ischemic heart disease)
  • No evidence of severe pulmonary pathology
  • Hepatitis B and C without cirrhosis (evaluated by liver biopsy)
  • HIV infection on HAART therapy may qualify for a current study protocol


  • Ability to follow a complex medical regime of medication and post transplant follow up (compliance) by oneself or by an identified support person
  • Identified support system available
  • Coverage for medications
  • Transportation


  • Active infections
  • Hepatitis B or C with documented cirrhosis on liver biopsy
  • HIV positive and not on HAART therapy
  • Evidence of current alcohol or substance abuse
  • Morbid obesity (BMI >35) – unless all vascular access has failed
  • Current psychiatric or psychological pathology