Most transplanted organs come from a family’s selfless organ donation after their loved one has died. Unfortunately, far more people need organ transplants than the number of organs recovered from people who have passed (also known as deceased donation). In fact, at any moment in time, more than 117,000 individuals are waiting for an organ transplant.

Fortunately, some organs, like kidneys, can be donated by a living donor without negatively affecting the donor’s health. The Miami Transplant Institute is at the forefront of expanding transplant options through our innovative Living Donor Kidney Program, one of the most active and successful initiatives of its kind in the nation – generating nearly 100 transplants each year.

Living Donor Kidney Program

The gift of life is closer than most of us think. That’s because almost anyone with two healthy kidneys can donate one to a patient in need. The Miami Transplant Institute’s Living Donor Kidney Program – also called the gift that keeps on giving – is the largest in Florida and the fastest-growing in the Southeast. In fact, patients from anywhere in the nation and anywhere in the world can participate in the initiative.

Here, we can quickly determine if a willing donor is a suitable match for their loved one, and can use minimally-invasive surgical techniques to help speed recovery time for both donors and patients.

MTI now offers an online option for those interested in becoming living kidney donors. Through our partnership with BREEZE TRANSPLANT, we’re able to begin the initial living donor screening process by collecting vital information about your medical history that will determine your ability to donate a kidney. Please visit to access the confidential health history questionnaire, and click here for more information.

Paired Kidney Exchange Program

Even when a family member or friend’s kidney is not a match, a suitable living donor may still be a viable option. That’s because we can match willing donors for one patient with willing donors for another patient. Our Paired Kidney Exchange Program is the only initiative of its kind in the region, and offers real hope to patients whose family and friends have the will to help, but are not a clinical match.