World’s First Five-Organ Transplant Patient Gives Birth

Organ transplant is more than a medical treatment; for many patients, it is a second chance at a normal, healthy life. Fatema Al Ansari’s dream of a healthy life seemed out of reach when, at 19 years old, a clot blocked blood flow from her intestine and caused her abdominal organs to fail. Her life was in danger– and so was her hope of becoming a mother.

Fatema flew to Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2007 for a five-organ transplant at the Miami Transplant Institute, and she returned to her native Qatar with a new liver, pancreas, stomach and small and large intestines. Six years later, she came back to Jackson with a new dream: becoming the world’s first five-organ transplant recipient to give birth. Thanks to in-vitro fertilization and close monitoring by Jackson and University of Miami physicians, she gave birth to baby Alkadi. While her pregnancy was considered high-risk, she experienced no complications.

“Once I became pregnant, I wanted to be close to my doctors at Jackson where I felt safe and calm,” Fatema says. “I knew I was in good hands.”