Our Pediatric Kidney Transplant program has performed nearly 400 kidney transplants since its inception in 1979 and offers comprehensive pediatric care to infants and children facing end-stage renal disease, including medical management, dialysis and, if needed, transplantation.

It is the only pediatric program in South Florida that is a part of both an academic medical center and a distinguished world-class hospital. We are able to offer patients and their families a comprehensive team of University of Miami Health System pediatric kidney specialists, including nephrologists, urologists, surgeons, and an experienced nursing staff with expertise in day-to-day patient care.

MTI also offers a Living Kidney Donor Program and the Paired Kidney Exchange Program as options for children in need of a transplant. Here, we can quickly determine if a willing donor is a suitable match for their loved one and can use minimally-invasive surgical techniques to help speed recovery time for both donors and patients.

Our Paired Kidney Exchange Program allows a living donor, who is incompatible with the intended recipient, to be swapped with another living donor who is also incompatible with their intended recipient. One pair consists of Recipient A (a patient who needs a new kidney) and Donor A (a friend or family member who is willing to donate a kidney, but isn’t compatible). The other pair consists of Recipient B and Donor B, who have the same problem. If Donor A happens to be compatible with Recipient B and Donor B happens to be compatible with Recipient A, both people who need transplants can get them if everyone agrees to exchange kidneys.

In order for both recipients and donors to be registered for MTI’s lifesaving program, several medical and psychological screenings will take place. After all parties are deemed eligible, occasional appointments with our team of specialists will occur. Once the program finds another pair of participants that might be a suitable match, physicians will review the case. If the match looks promising, further evaluations will take place and all candidates will undergo additional medical testing. It is important to know that the Miami Transplant Institute is committed to finding the best matches possible − our goal is to match the right donor with the right recipient.

Our kidney transplant survival exceeds national standards. We are at the forefront of innovative treatments for conditions such as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Our team is also passionate about developing tools to improve health literacy and adherence for our families.