The Public Health Trust was created in 1973 by the Board of County Commissioners as an independent governing body concerned with the county’s most vital healthcare resource: Jackson Memorial Hospital. The Trust is comprised of concerned volunteer citizens who set policies that assure that Jackson Health System is responsive to community needs. This “citizen body” provides leadership for joint planning between Jackson Health System, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami-Dade County and other private and community organizations.

In 2003, the Board of County Commissioners amended Chapter 25A of the Miami-Dade County Code that governs the Public Health Trust. Notably, these changes altered the composition and size of the Public Health Trust as well as the responsibilities for countywide health care. A new Office of Countywide Health Care Planning was created under the Office of the County Manager and Jackson’s role was redefined to focus solely on the planning of facilities within the system.

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Purpose of the Public Health Trust

The purpose(s) of the Trust shall include operation, governance, and maintenance of Trust facilities:

  • For the benefit of the general community and not for the exclusive benefit of any single individual or group of individuals;
  • As the major provider of health services, directly and indirectly, to the poor and near poor with-in Miami-Dade County;
  • For serving the health care needs of patients living in reasonable geographic proximity to Jackson Memorial Hospital and other Trust Facilities;
  • With the capability of supporting, maintaining and managing a proper balance between primary, secondary and tertiary health care programs that will strive for a single standard of general and specialized health services;
  • As a major referral center which has elected to offer a full range of medical and support specialties which are not generally available at community hospitals, including trauma care;
  • As a teaching facility which operates training programs for physicians, nurses and other health care professionals;
  • For providing major clinical facilities which support the University of Miami School of Medicine and other educational institutions, which train future health care professionals; and
  • For providing opportunities for clinical and applied research in all areas of medicine to continuously upgrade the general level of medical care available to citizens.

The purpose(s) of the Trust shall also include:

  • Participation in activities designed to promote the general health of the community;
  • Providing recommendations to the Commission for the establishment of health care delivery policies in the designated facilities of the Trust; and
  • Fulfillment of the objectives set forth by the Commission in the Trust Ordinance and compliance with County-wide health care delivery policies which have been or may be established by the Commission.