In accordance with the Public Health Trust/Jackson Health System’s procurement regulations, all vendors/manufactures are required on an annual basis to register with the Trust by completing a Vendor Registration Application before receiving an award. This centralized process enables you to submit a single application to establish contract with the PHT requesting goods and services.

This application must also include:

  • Required Miami-Dade County affidavits,
  • Copy of the firm’s Dade County Business Occupational license (if the firm is domiciled in Miami-Dade County), and
  • Copy of the State Corporate Certificate (if incorporated).

Award categories are as follows: Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Bids, Bid Waivers, or any purchases falling under the amount required for bidding. A continued compliance form must be submitted with an RFP or Bid, Bid Waiver, or any purchase falling under the amount required for bidding if the registration application has been submitted within the last twelve- (12) months.