The Procurement Management Department purchases supplies, services and construction related projects for the Trust. The information contained on this website will facilitate the process for acquiring these needed supplies, services and construction related projects. The information located at these links elaborate on the Trust’s procurement process and the Procurement Regulations provide guidance to Trust’s staff and all interested parties concerning specific procurement procedures. These Regulations comply with the Trust’s overall operational Policies, Miami-Dade County ordinances and all applicable state laws including applicable provisions of the Public Records Law and the Government-in-the-Sunshine Law. The Regulation is advisory in that it is intended to provide guidance to Trust staff in the conduct of an orderly administrative procurement process. The Procurement Regulations were adopted on February 1, 2006.

The mission of the Procurement Management Department is:

  • To obtain supplies, services and construction related projects required by the Trust in a cost-effective and responsible manner.
  • To promote quality and integrity.
  • To establish clear lines of procurement authority and accountability.
  • To provide for increased public confidence in the procedures followed in public procurement.
  • To promote the fair and equitable treatment of all interested parties who deal with the Trust’s procurement system.
  • To foster broad-based competition within the free enterprise system.
  • To afford economic opportunities to all segments of the community through various socio-economic programs.
  • To permit the continued development of procurement policies and procedures.

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