Gastric Sleeve Surgery Experts

Jackson Health System’s expert bariatric surgeons created South Florida’s only surgical weight-loss program focused exclusively on sleeve gastrectomy – Gastric Sleeve Center | Jackson North and Gastric Sleeve Center | Jackson South.

Our two programs have already helped hundreds of women and men lose thousands of pounds and transform their lives. Most importantly, the majority of our patients have freed themselves from the dangers and despair of obesity-related conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and constant fatigue.

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Our bariatric seminars are currently postponed until further notice.

Why Gastric Sleeve?

Sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve, as it’s more commonly known, has many advantages over other surgical weight-loss options. With this procedure, our surgeons simply reduce the size of a patient’s stomach so the patient feels full faster and eats less. Food is absorbed normally, and patients don’t face any food restrictions. It has fewer complications than gastric bypass, and patients usually lose much more weight compared to gastric banding procedures.

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news arrowAm I a candidate for weight-loss surgery?

Your body mass index, which measures your weight relative to your height, is the primary criteria for determining if you qualify for weight-loss surgery. More specifically, you are candidate if:

  • Your BMI is greater than 40
  • Your BMI is greater than 35 and you have at least two weight-related diseases (also known as co-morbidities)
  • For gastric banding, you may be a candidate if your BMI is greater than 30 and you have at least two weight-related diseases

In addition, patients must be physically healthy enough to undergo surgery, demonstrate the psychological ability to follow post-operative instructions and to comply with their physician’s medical advice.

news arrowHow does gastric sleeve surgery work?

During the gastric sleeve procedure, your surgeon reduces the size of the stomach and reshapes it into a tube or “sleeve.” With a smaller stomach, you’ll feel full faster, and therefore eat fewer calories, which leads to significant weight loss – on average, 70% of patients’ excess weight.

news arrowWill insurance cover my weight-loss surgery?

Many private insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, cover all or a portion of the cost of weight-loss surgery for patients who meet certain criteria. The amount covered by each insurance company, as well as any co-payments or co-insurances, varies quite a bit. Fortunately, you can work with Jackson’s bariatric surgery coordinators to better understand your specific circumstances and to explore financing options if your insurance does not cover the surgery, or if you need assistance paying your share of the cost.

news arrowHow does the process work?

Most patients attend one of our free seminars where they complete a patient intake form. After that, the following process usually applies:

  • You will make an appointment and have a consultation with your surgeon.
  • You will visit our nutritionist and psychologist.
  • You will complete pre-surgery testing, including lab work, EKG, and a chest x-ray.
  • You will obtain clearance from your doctor. If you don’t have a primary care physician, we can provide one.
  • We obtain authorization from your insurance company, from Medicaid, or from Medicare.
  • You have your surgery and start losing weight!

news arrowWhat kind of support is available from professionals and other patients?

Prior to your surgery, you are required to meet with our nutritionist and psychologist. They can provide you with professional support to better understand both the nutritional and emotional components of your surgery.

We also offer support groups for patients to share their experiences with each other. In addition, you’ll receive our newsletter, The Next Chapter, which covers topics such as food and eating, wardrobe, and medical concerns.

news arrowWhat other surgeries do our surgeons perform?

In addition to the sleeve gastrectomy, also known as gastric sleeve, our surgeons have far-reaching experience performing a wide range of weight-loss procedures including:

  • Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y)
  • Gastric banding
  • Revisional surgery
  • Gastric balloon