UPDATED – February 10, 2016

Jackson Health System has terminated Evelina Reid, the hospital unit secretary who may have stolen confidential patient information. Jackson is continuing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies on this investigation.

Miami, FL – “Jackson Health System has launched a full investigation and is cooperating with law enforcement agencies regarding a rogue hospital employee who may have stolen confidential patient information including names, birthdates, social security numbers, and home addresses over the last five years. The employee was placed on administrative leave pending termination proceedings, and all of her access to Jackson systems, facilities, and patient information was immediately revoked.

Jackson Health System is committed to patient confidentiality. The safety and security of our patients is top priority. In order to protect our patients’ rights and private information, we enforce strict rules for those who handle patient information.

We are already in the process of acquiring and implementing a more robust security system to monitor access to patient records.

Any allegations about a breach in security and patient privacy are taken extremely seriously. Jackson Health System continually educates all employees on privacy rules and regulations and has zero tolerance for violations.

Those patients whose personal information was accessed will be notified and offered free credit monitoring. Patients seeking additional information about this breach should email privacyprotection@jhsmiami.org.”

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