Jackson Health System to Expand Public Vaccination to Florida Residents age 50 and Older

Over the last three months, Jackson Health System has vaccinated more than 97,000 members of our community, including Florida residents age 55 to 64 with specific high-risk medical conditions and those over 65 years of age.

Today, Jackson Health System President & CEO Carlos A. Migoya announced the expansion of Jackson’s vaccination criteria to include Florida residents age 50 and older who meet the following criteria:

  • Sworn law-enforcement officers age 50 and older, who must show badge or department ID
  • Firefighters age 50 and older, who must show badge or department ID
  • School-site personnel age 50 and older working at K-12 schools, who must show school ID
  • Anyone age 50 and older with a signed doctor’s note on the physician’s letterhead or prescription pad, listing the patient’s name, any specific high-risk condition for which the patient is being treated, and directing the patient to be vaccinated.

These changes reflect Gov. Ron DeSantis’ latest executive orders, as well as feedback from our own medical staff, patients, and community stakeholders.

Starting today, people age 50 and older, who meet the above-mentioned criteria can obtain an appointment via Jackson’s online portal by visiting jacksonhealth.org for Wednesday, March 3. Jackson will continue to update the public on appointment availability via Twitter and Instagram: @JacksonHealth.

Jackson remains committed to working with community partners and religious institutions throughout Miami-Dade County to vaccinate as many eligible people as possible. We will also be working with various police departments, fire departments and Miami-Dade County Public School District to make sure they sign up their employees who now qualify under the new vaccine criteria.

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