Jackson West Medical Center Becomes First Certified Healthcare Facility in Doral to Treat Severe Types of Heart Attacks


José Milton Memorial Hospital at Jackson West Medical Center has become the only, fully certified ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) healthcare facility in Doral. A STEMI is the most severe type of heart attack; they are life threatening and require quick assessment and treatment., This accreditation will give Patients who live in Doral, Medley, and other surrounding neighborhoods access to receiving life-saving treatment from board-certified cardiologists within distance of their homes.

“We consistently strive to achieve the highest level of quality care for our patients, and we are proud to have earned the STEMI accreditation,” said Ivan Mendoza, MD, FACC, chief of cardiology at Jackson West. “This certification affirms that Jackson West is equipped with advanced technology, a state-of-the-art facility, and a highly trained medical team, including expert cardiac catheterization laboratory staff and specialty physicians, all dedicated to rapidly diagnosing and treating heart attack patients.”

The cardiology team at Jackson West were required to perform more than 200 hours of cardiac cauterizations and other cardiac procedures to earn this certification.

Carlos Andres Escobar, 44

After a lifetime of smoking cigarettes, Carlos Andres Escobar, 44, suffered a heart attack on March 16. His family rushed the Hialeah native to the emergency room at Jackson West. Fortunately, just 10 days prior to Escobar’s life-altering heart attack, Jackson West’s team was fully equipped to treat him, due to their latest STEMI accreditation. The team immediately stabilized Escobar, and rushed him to the catheterization lab to perform an emergency cardiac catheterization to examine his heart. The procedure led to the cardiac team placing a stent – a small mesh tube used to hold open weakened or narrowed blood vessels heart – to establish proper blood flow to the heart. Today, Escobar feels better than ever. He has returned to work, is following a strict diet, and has promised to quit smoking so he can enjoy more healthy years with his wife and daughter.


Eddie Borrego, senior vice president and chief executive officer, Jackson West Medical Center and Jackson South Medical Center
Ivan Mendoza, MD, FACC, chief of cardiology at Jackson West
Carlos Andres Escobar is available for Zoom interviews. Please contact Krysten Brenlla to coordinate.


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