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April 2, 2019

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Cardiothoracic Surgeon Brings World Class Expertise to the new Jackson Heart Surgery Institute

Romualdo Segurola, MD, FACS, will lead Miami’s most comprehensive heart team

Miami, FL – Jackson Health System is proud to welcome Romualdo J. Segurola, Jr., MD, FACS, a world-renowned surgeon in minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery, to its comprehensive heart team. Dr. Segurola will join Jackson Medical Group as chief of cardiac surgery for Jackson Health System and will be leading the new Jackson Heart Surgery Institute, which brings together two of the most trusted names in the community to form Miami’s most comprehensive heart team.

“It is an honor and privilege to join Jackson, one of the largest public hospital systems in the country, one of the most important teaching hospitals in Florida, and one of the most respected institutions in Miami-Dade County,” said Dr. Segurola. “While Jackson is large and can be intimidating, it is a friendly and welcoming place for everyone – regardless of their socioeconomic status, their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their religion, or their race.”

During his 15-year career, Dr. Segurola has performed more than 5,000 cardiac procedures and 4,000 thoracic procedures. In recent years, he transitioned his practice to focus on minimally invasive heart surgery and percutaneous valve replacement, which lead to higher success outcomes, fewer scars and shorter recovery periods for patients.

“Miami’s heart care leader is now part of Miami’s healthcare leader – it’s a winning combination,” said Carlos A. Migoya, president and CEO of Jackson Health System. “With the arrival of Dr. Segurola and the opening of the Jackson Heart Surgery Institute, Jackson is the only hospital in Miami that provides every level of cardiac care to everybody – from newborn babies to seniors. It’s a distinction we’re proud of, and one we take very seriously.”

Also joining Dr. Segurola at the Jackson Heart Surgery Institute are cardiothoracic surgeons Alfredo Rego, MD, PhD, and Efren Buitrago, MD. This surgical team will work alongside Jackson’s multidisciplinary team of experts to provide the best heart care in Miami – from highly specialized cardiac procedures to life-saving heart transplants Jackson provides cardiac care to patients of every age.

This comprehensive approach to heart care, along with Jackson’s longstanding reputation as the best in Miami, is what drew Dr. Segurola to Jackson. Miami is his hometown and he is passionate about continuing to give back to the community – only this time as part of the Jackson family.

“As someone who grew up in Miami as a Cuban-American, I am excited for this new chapter in my career working at this incredible institution,” said Dr. Segurola. “This is where my roots are, this is a community that I love and helping our community like the community helped me to get to where I am, is very rewarding.”

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