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August 30, 2019

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Miami, FL – Jackson Health System is closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian as it approaches South Florida.
Prior to the start of inclement weather, pregnant women who are registered to deliver their baby at a Jackson Health System facility should check with their physician and report to the hospital ONLY if advised to do so.
Jackson will provide shelter only to expectant mothers registered at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Jackson North Medical Center, and Jackson South Medical Center, who meet the following criteria:

  • Carrying multiple babies (twins, triplets, etc.), AND are at least 34 weeks into pregnancy
  • Have placental implantation abnormalities, such as placenta previa, AND are at least 28 weeks into pregnancy
  • Experiencing preterm labor

Pregnant women who do not meet any of the above criteria should seek shelter safely according to their own personal hurricane plans, and should not report to the hospital unless specifically directed to do so by their physician.
Given that we are operating as a shelter for expectant mothers who meet any of the above criteria, those individuals are required to bring the following items:

  • Proper identification
  • Prescription medications
  • Extra clothes
  • Bedding (blankets, pillows)
  • Flashlights
  • Personal care items
  • Non-perishable foods and water to last at least 36 hours
  • Cash in case you decide to buy extra food

Due to space limitations, we can only accommodate one guest per patient. No children or pets are permitted. If a patient is admitted, Jackson will provide medical care.
Patients who meet any of the above criteria may arrive four to six hours before the hurricane is due for landfall at the OB Triage Unit located on the fourth floor of Holtz Children’s Hospital (East Tower) at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, and emergency rooms at Jackson North Medical Center and Jackson South Medical Center.
Patients should continue to monitor Hurricane Dorian’s path via the National Hurricane Center, local news, as well as Miami-Dade County’s Emergency site for updates.

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